My Services

It’s all about telling stories that resonate with the intended audience.
You can hire me to write

  • feature articles
  • profiles
  • website copy
  • brochures
  • correspondence
  • marketing materials
  • and anything else that requires crafting a message for a particular readership

After interviewing hundreds of sources across the country, I know exactly how to capture a single personality for a personal profile, or weave together the perspectives of a dozen individuals for an informative feature.

I’m also a skilled editor, adept at fixing copy that’s been written by committee or by anyone who believes that saying something in a hundred words is preferable to saying it in ten.

Contact me with project details, expectations and deadlines and we can discuss hourly rates and project fees. Click on My Portfolio to see examples of my work.

“Mary Ellen’s superior editing skills allow me to say what I intend to say in my writing, only with greater clarity. I find her honest, refreshingly frank, and her advice always resonates with my own deep-down perceptions about what needs to be revised.”

Stacy Renz
Owner, Living Room Yoga