My Writing Bio

I have always written journals, letters and lists of essay ideas, but I didn’t get around to becoming a real writer until I finished a 15-year career as a college fundraiser. Despite being a late bloomer, I have written my way into a body of work that includes more than 200 personal essays and columns and dozens of articles for business, lifestyle and trade magazines.

I often write about fundraising, education, the arts and health care, but I’m flexible enough to go outside my comfort zone and deliver assignments on topics including golf tourism and nonprofit investment policies. In fact, I once wrote audio scripts describing 60 different models of RV’s, despite never having been inside one and having no idea what a power train was.

When I’m not interviewing sources and writing for clients, I tell my own stories. I was a monthly columnist for The Arizona Republic from 1999 to 2002; and my humor column, The Homefront, appeared in more than sixty regional editions of Angie’s List Magazine from 2007– 2011.